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 Vision, Mission, Functions, Objectives.

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PostSubject: Vision, Mission, Functions, Objectives.   Sun Oct 26, 2008 2:32 am

Vision and Mission

Universiti Malaysia Terengganu has the following vision, mission, functions, and objectives.


To be an institution that generates, disseminates and applies innovative knowledge and a catalyst for the development of progressive individuals and sustainable environment.


To drive the fields of science, technology and management of natural resource via the generation of excellent academic and research programs towards the development of individuals who ensure the sustainability of religion, race and the nation.


UMT has been entrusted to fulfill the following functions:

* Support the university’s mission in becoming the best education and research centre and to contribute to the development of mankind and exploration of knowledge and also to contribute towards the nation’s wealth and development.
* Provide skilled work force who possess a high degree of professionalism and self-discipline while strengthened with fine and positive work ethics.
* Produce graduates who are sensitive to ideas in management and responsive to current changes and who can be role models to students and the community.
* Provide service through the dissemination of ideas and new practices while searching for solutions to current problems in the community.
* Foster relationships with other universities, institutions and industries for mutual benefits and national development.
* Support the university’s mission of becoming a well-planned research and learning centre and to provide excellent services in the exploration of new technologies.


In fullfilling the above functions, UMT seeks to achieve these objectives:

* Explore knowledge in all fields of Science, Technology and Natural Resources Management through research.
* Provide the latest facilities (laboratory, library, computer and environment) in supporting the development of knowledge, learning and the pursuit of excellence.
* Offer courses which are relevant to current or future needs.
* Produce responsible, knowledgeable, confident and competent graduates.
* Play an active role in social, economic and educational development through providing services to both the local community and the country.


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Vision, Mission, Functions, Objectives.
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